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Singer Sheebah buys Shs 67m land in Bunga


We come with good news for all you Sheebah Karungi fans; and no, it’s not another set of nude photos or a new song from the naughty Team No Sleep queen. Shockingly, it’s a progressive move that many didn’t expect from the Okikola Otya singer. No, she didn’t buy a sleek ride, but a few weeks ago, Sheebah embarked on her journey to become a landlady.
We have very reliable info that Sheebah recently acquired her first piece of land somewhere in Bunga, near Munyonyo. According to a reliable source, Sheebah tabled Shs47m as down payment to the owner of the land and promised to clear the balance of Shs20m in a month.
Sheebah who was driving with friends in a blue Rav 4, remained in the car all through negotiations, but jumped out and toured the land shortly before she paid. Sheebah told close friends that she hopes to construct a studio and rentals on the piece of land. “She ( Sheebah) wants to have her house at the beach, so she says she intends to make money out of this one until she has enough to build a beach house,” Sheebah’s friend told us. Congs.

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