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David Lutalo joins video makers God Father’s clients list

Since his remarkable Akantu concert, much has happened in the life of singer David Lutalo. First was news of the singer parting ways with his manager, but sources close to the two continue to disregard the info as a rumour.
Then we learnt that Lutalo had bought a house somewhere around Busega. Shortly after, we got news that Lutalo had started his own band. Our source told us that Lutalo named his band Hares Band and that he intends to sign some artistes so that he can have a fully-fledged band for his performances.
The latest we received last week was that Lutalo was in South Africa for a concert. But while the known intention for his trip down south was to perform at a few concerts, we have learnt that Lutalo is using the trip to surprise his fans back home.
Reliable sources in SA told us that Lutalo approached video makers God Father Productions and asked them to make for him a video that will be better than Bebe Cool’s Love You Everyday.
Lutalo is said to have dug into his pocket and paid a whopping $15,000 (about 40m) for the making of his latest video I Love You. As you read this, shooting of the new video is wrapping in SA and the video will be ready to air a few weeks from now. Will a good video help Lutalo’s music cross boarders? We shall wait for your answers.

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