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7 Fashion Mistakes Women Should Avoid


In modern times, women go the extra length just to look attractive and stylish. They want to step out in trendy outfits and flow with the in vogue fashion tides and this most do blindly.

The desire to look good like what most women see in magazines, on the internet and among public figures they meet at high-profile functions has led many to go down the wrong path as far as fashion is concerned. There are
blunders to avoid when dressing up and getting you ready to face the world, some are just a result of honest mistakes while for some it’s just plain ignorance when it comes to wearing clothes right with the right colour combinations and use of clothing accessories to complement the outfit.

Applying make-up outside your space:

Most ladies apply their make-up in public and get the attention of many. Most beautiful women have their nailed properly trimmed, their hair done and their physical appearance smart without being in the full glare of the public. These days, it is common to see ladies apply makeup while in transit, in their workplaces and in other public places – this is not appropriate. The secret to looking good is to keep it secret not applying makeup in public. Anytime you are tempted to apply your make-up, go to the restroom or an enclosed place to do so.

Wrong colours

Most ladies are ignorant of their skin and hair tone. This should not be. You need to get familiar with your skin, hair and be sure to know the colour that complements you.

Even though it is permissible to wear some colours nowadays what is referred to as colour blocking. Most women abuse this fashion privilege by going overboard in their dress style when combining colours. If you must colour block” do it appropriately. Don’t wear too many colours and appear like rainbow when stepping out. Try to mix with contrasting shades of colours.

Even for the hair, many woman wear odd hair colours such as gold, purple, green, all manner of colours that do not blend with their outfits. You should avoid these and ensure you go for hair colours that are in contrast with your skin colour.

Improper Sizes

Do not for the love of designers and colours buy the wrong outfit when you shop. There are various sizes of dresses available in stores. Wearing it right will go a long way to make you appear smart and fit. Oversize or undersize clothes don’t make a good impression and fashion statements that will get you a lot of attention. You don’t want appear sloppy but wonderful. Clothes that are very tight or baggy make you look old and funny. Fitting clothes will even help you boost your confidence wherever you go since you appear smart and neat in them.

Over accessorizing

While clothing accessories are a great complement for clothes. Using too many accessories in an attempt to look fashionable and stylish is what can safely referred to “fashion gone wrong” To overdo the accessorizing of clothes is to commit a serious fashion sin.

Scruffy and uncomfortable shoes

There are elements of good dressing to take into cognizance such as shoes and belts. Apart from having a matching shoe and belt colour, it is important to note that since you will wear your shoes for the most part of the day, you should go for comfortable ones so you don’t have to always pull them off at the slightest temptation. Pulling of your shoes in public can be so not cool. Thus, instead of having to pull them off because they are too tight, you should go for the right sizes and the ones that really keep you comfortable. Stylish and comfortable shoes would do justice to the fashion statement you hoped to make. Ensure they are always neat and comfortable.

Indecent Exposure

If the essence of wearing clothes apart from the desire to look good is to cover private parts of our body, then it is only apposite to keep our secrets, secret. Flaunting your underwear has never been considered a cool way to dress. As an elegant woman, you do not need to reveal important parts of your body just to prove that you are stylish and in vogue. It can be very embarrassing for most women that wear revealing clothes even to their places of work – the impression people get about them are usually very bad ones.

Obviously Wrinkled Outfit

Any woman that wears wrinkled clothes cannot be regarded as a serious person. The reason is not farfetched. You will literally appear unserious as if you did not make any efforts to even look good.

More so, you will also come across as indifferent to how you are perceived by people. This is not a good fashion impression especially as a woman.

These are just 7 out of a number of fashion misdeeds that most women are guilty of. If you are not sure about what fashion style you should employ when dressing up, seek advice from experts before stepping out.

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