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Zuena’s Life Stories TV show to return ON NTV this month

Forget tabloid stories, truth is singer  Bebe Cool’s wife Zuena Kirema, is set to return on our screens later this month. And yes, Zuena will be returning in the same capacity as the presenter of the weekly Life Stories show on NTV.
Zuena confirmed to us during an exclusive conversation earlier this week that all is set for the new season.
“We have only been off TV, but my team  and I have been busy filming. We have several interesting life stories and the season will be on your screens this month,” Zuena told us.
She also reaffirmed that her show was never suspended. “I don’t know where some people get the stuff they write, the show was simply on a break as we worked on the new season,” she told us.
Zuena told us that the new season will be more interesting. “We got so many touching stories and the production team did an amazing job with the graphics and the general outlook.”
Zuena did not disclose the exact day the show will start airing, but she kept insisting we should watch NTV for details!

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