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Seanice, Justine Namere show off baby bumps

Nigerian actor Fabian Lojede is not just a celebrated actor, but he takes his husband role seriously. Just a few months since their wedding last December, Seanice Kacungira is not the lithe lady she used to be; instead, the former Sanyu FM radio presenter, turned up with a full tummy during last Saturday night’s Social Media Awards held at the Golf Course Hotel.
Besides the belly, Seanice has put on some weight and she seemed to enjoy her current state. And when she was invited to give a speech, Seanice took some time off to thank her husband, not for her situation, but for inspiring her to do the awards; she even referred to him as, “The best actor in Africa!”
But Seanice was not the only celebrity with a baby bump at the awards. Former Life Stories and Mini Buzz presenter Justin Namere also showed off her protruding tummy. Namere looked every inch happy, but she didn’t seem very comfy whenever she realised cameras snapping her direction.
We learnt that a one Raymond, who recently visited her parents in Masaka is the man responsible for the former TV personality’s new look.
And if the hullabaloo about women getting cravings during pregnancy is anything to go by, then Namere’s is chewing, as she kept chewing all through the awards, even while socialising with other guests! Join us to wish Seanice and Namere safe and happy experiences!

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