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Big Trill quits GNL’s Baboon Forest

Rapper GNL Zamba deserves some props for being a good friend/ partner and boss. Even after Mun G quit Baboon Forest and started his own Kuntakinte, the two have remained very close. GNL and Mun G have been seen hanging out together in different places and sources told us that Mun G actually spends a lot of time at GNL’s recording studio in Kiwatule.
And last week, we realised it was not only Mun G who left GNL’s Forest, but rapper Big Trill as well. During an exclusive conversation, we got to know that Big Trill is no longer a member of GNL’s Baboon Forest camp. Trill told us that he changed camp to a new record label known as EMB (Empire Music Business).
It was a bit shocking considering that we had seen the rapper having a great time with GNL in a certain hangout around Ntinda and by the look of things, everything seemed to be going on well between the two.
But days later, Big Trill told us that he had actually quit Baboon Forest months back. “I moved on, but that’s like my family, if they get business, we team up and work and I do the same, but truth is, we are working separately at the moment,” he told us.

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