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Is Wandegeya Police Coco Finger’s parking yard?

Musician Coco Finger has been away on official duty in Sweden and Holland for the past few weeks. And all this long his car has been parked at Wandegeya Police Station. When we asked one of the traffic officers at the station, they were not really forthcoming on whether the car had committed any offence.

We have been trying to get Coco to tell us what might have happened to his Z3 BMW convertible, but our chats have gone unanswered.

A close source to Coco, however, told us that the car is simply parked at the police station to ensure its security until Coco returns. But another source told us that one of Coco’s protégés committed some offences while driving the car and since it doesn’t bear a front registration plate, the police decided to keep it until the owner returns and explains! Over to you Coco!

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