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Police to apprehend Zari for jumping bond

With nude photos becoming the most trending thing after Mzee Robert Mugabe’s fall, the police has decided to step up their grip on the offenders of the anti-pornography laws.
After the famous sex tape that allegedly features Bukedde TV news anchor Sanyu Robinah Mweruka,  Police spokesperson Fred Enanga earlier this week told the press that they are yet to start producing anyone involved in acting and distribution of the pornographic material in court.
While going on about the issue, Enanga read out some of the names that they are still investigating about related cases. Afande Enanga noted that Zari was held and interrogated about her December sex tape, but she disappeared after being given police bond.
Enanga indicated that Zari had committed a crime by skipping police bond and he made it clear that the socialite will face the law once she returns to Uganda.
“We are aware that she is possibly in South Africa, but the police will pursue her the moment she comes back into the country,” he said.

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