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Judith Heard in scholastic materials shopping spree for Muyenga children


So many things, and we mean not very nice things have been said and written about socialite Judith Heard. However, one good thing that shall always be said about the Nalongo, is her heart of gold. Judith has continuously visited different orphanages in Uganda and recently Rwanda, her second home, donating to needy children.
And last week, while driving through her neighbourhood in Muyenga, Judith says she realised that there were 10s of underprivileged children just near where she resides. “I stopped and went to the makeshift stalls where these children’s caretakers were and asked if they needed any help from me. They told me they lacked school requirements,” Judith told us.
The socialite told the caretakers of the children to ask them to write the school requirements each needed. “When I returned, I got 15 requirement lists. I was happy, I was going put a smile on 15 faces,” Judith told us.
On Sunday, Judith delivered all the requirements each child had listed. She also threw a back to school party for them.
Judith later told us that she got her own children involved so that they realise that there are underprivileged children out there and they should always be happy to help.

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