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It’s not Cheune, it’s another summer, Ellah’s friends confirm

gsp-ellah2When they saw her with the ‘Rich Gang’ during their December 23 party at Liquid Silk, many social critics and tabloids rushed into conclusions. Stella Nantumbwe, aka Ellah, the recent Ugandan BBA Hotshots representative, sat next to Cheune and the two whispered to each other every once in a while during the party.
The following day, stories were allover that Ellah had hooked up Cheune!
But we chose to take our time, as Ellah had told us in an earlier conversation that she had nothing to do with any of the Rich Gang members.
She had, however, alerted us that her Mr Right was in the audience and was closely related to some of the Rich Gang members.
Our Investigations team has been working tirelessly until we managed to identify Ellah’s “Mr Right!” According to close friends to Ellah, it was never Cheune, but a one Adams Dumba (pictured with her).
We are yet to establish whether Ellah, who had earlier faced rejection from BBA Hotshots eventual winner Idris, had been with Dumba before she entered the house or she hooked up with him after her BBA experience.
Ellah has been sighted with Dumba at several parties although we are yet to establish his connection with the Rich Gang.

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