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Fille, Mun G expecting their first babies

gsp-mungLike the saying goes; “there is no smoke without fire,” indeed there was so much smoke when singer Mun G rushed to visit his longtime lover Clara’s parents a few weeks back.
The same can be said about the recent visit by singer Fille’s parents to her manager-lover Mc Kats’ home in Busega.
We can reliably reveal that Mun G rushed to Clara’s parents not only to prove that he wants to take their daughter for keeps, but also to own up the change in her body size and appetite. Yes, Clara is carrying Mun G’s first baby and the two are excited about it.
Over to Fille’s case; we have it on good authority, that Fille’s parents were not too sure about their daughter ending up Mc Kats, albeit their daughter was convinced that the TV star is her Mr right! Fille’s parents were scared by several tabloid reports that have awarded Kats an exaggerated number of kids, usually ranging from ten and above, depending on the mood of the reporters.
And after learning that Fille was pregnant, her mother demanded to meet Kats’ mother and together with her son, they commited to take care of both Fille and her baby.
Despite being a celebrated events and TV host, Kats found himself stammering as he spoke and promised his mother, mother-in-law and wife-to-be that he will be a responsible husband who will spend the rest of his life with Fille!
Fille is about six months pregnant. All the best to mothers and fathers in waiting.

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