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Four One One

David Lutalo started young


CONCERT: He is launching his Akantu album at Hotel Africana this evening. The singer who got into the limelight with his Kapapala hit narrated his musical journey to  Edgar R. Batte

Why don’t you have a fancy name like other artistes?
I have to be David Lutalo. I do not think I should change a name. I am David Lutalo. I have to be real.

Who writes your music?
David Lutalo.

What inspires some of the music that you do for example Akantu that you are launching tonight?
I just put myself into someone’s shoes or get a theme and sing about it because I cannot wait for the inspiration only. That is being creative. You have to create your own things.  I just composed Akantu. There was no girl that left me.

Some of your music is really deep music but also quite sad for example Nandikulese Mukyalo and Engumba Zange. What motivates such songs or lyrics?
I realised that that is what happens in real life.

What led you to compose a sad song like Engumba Zange?
I do not know how to put it but everyone dies and it is obvious. I thought I could sing a song about death.

What kind of reaction do people have towards that song?
Some cry when I am performing that song.

How about you? How do you feel while performing such a sad song?
I feel happy from the bottom of my heart because it shows me that what I have sung has had an impact on people’s lives.

When did you start your journey as a musician?
I began singing at a very young age. I composed Batusosola when I was in S.2. I then composed Kapapala was when I was in S.4. There are other songs that I composed while in primary school, which I modify depending on what is happening around us.

Having started singing at a tender age, what kind of family do you hail from?
I come from a disciplined and religious family. Our father told us we were allowed to choose a religion when we turned 20. My father is born again and my mother is Muslim. They did not have any arguments over religion. Mother would get up early to go pray and so did my father. My older siblings chose to be Adventists because that is the religion they are convinced will get them to heaven. I am a born again and I do not deny it. I pray at Pastor Bugembe’s church.

But don’t church people judge you for the songs you do since they are largely secular?
I do not take my celebrity status to church. When it is time to pray, I do so. Before I compose a song, I pray to God to grant me the perfect words that will impact people’s hearts, so that the song does not bring shame to God. I believe that God is the one that has called me to sing about issues that gospel singers do not touch. But I also have some gospel songs like Ayi Mukama, Mukama Akusimbye Amaso Abiri and other songs I am still composing.

How many music albums do you have?
I have seven albums plus music collaborations that I cannot recall.  I began with Kapapala which had six songs but only three hit songs, Batusosola, Ayi Mukama and the title track. The second album is titled Janjaba, which had Embwa Ye Katwe. Then there was Yamba, Amasanyu Mubufumbo, Wakyawa Nange Nenfuna  among others. The fourth album had Okute Wagumu, which had Onyonyogela and Mapenzi. My fifth album was titled Engumba Zange which also had Gusitula. I then released Wagyetugenda and now Akantu.

Which songs are on the Akantu album?
Akantu has songs like Sweetie, Helena, Mubbi Bubbi, Nadikulese Mukyalo, Pretty and Far Away.

How do you handle your image. Do you want to portray yourself as Kadogo kamu or urban artiste?
As a musician I do not focus on one thing. I can sing any style of music. I sing for all sorts of people, be it in Kampala or Masaka.

Do you have family?
Yes I am married with two children. A boy and a girl.

When and where did you get married?
An old man does not mention all those things.

How did meet your lady?
We met in 2008. By then I had Kapapala as my hit song. I met her where we met (he didn’t want to tell), we agreed to be one and got together.

Who is she?
I do not like bringing her into the limelight. May be she will do so herself. But if she starts exposing herself, you might hear that I have let go of the relationship.

How do you handle female fans that want to have something with you?
I do not like temporary things and I believe a lot in the one-man one-woman idea.

What was your parent’s the reaction when you chose to start doing music?
My parents knew from when I was a child that I dreamt of becoming a musician. Therefore, it did not come as a surprise to them. They knew some of my earlier songs and some that are written down. They even ask why I have not recorded some of them yet.

In school were you writing songs as well as calculating Maths?
Truthfully, I have never been good at anything to do with sciences. I was an arts person because I had to compose my songs and there was barely time for calculations. I do not say it to discourage people doing sciences. Although my father wanted me to become a doctor, I could not afford it.

Walk me through your school background?
I sat for PLE at Balitta Lwogi Primary School. I then joined Kasana Town Academy in Luwero, then Busisa Grammar. I studied half of S.6.

Why did you study half way?
I stopped in S.6 because my father got some difficulties and I had to pay for my education. I have thought about finishing school and even registered, but I did not get time. But I want to go back to school.

Have you really attempted going back?
Yes, but my schedule fails me.

Away from music, what are your other hobbies?
I enjoy football. I used to play football a lot. I also enjoy boxing, watching movies, spending time with my family and playing with my children. One is five and a half and the other is two.

How old are you?
I am 28, and soon making 29 years old. I was born in March 1986.

What have you achieved out of music?
I have achieved a lot from my music. I thank God and I assure my fans that I have not used the money they give me to drink or get more women. I have a house. I have so many other things I do not want to talk about. About cars and all, I do not think I should talk about that. People might think I am showing off.

What advice can you share with fellow young people?
I advise my fellow youth to work hard because it is from hard work that we get peace and every good thing.

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