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Chameleone, Pallaso, Radio and Weasel planning collabo


Last week, singer Jose Chameleone invited his  brother Weasel to his Leone Island offices in Bunga. Weasel, along with his partner Mowzey Radio met with Chameleone. After their meeting, Chameleone also called Pallaso for a meeting.
Sources that eavesdropped the meeting told us Chameleone played the role of mentor and big brother as he urged both parties to bury any hard feelings and work together for the good of the music industry.
The source told us that Chameleone’s new love for unity is based on the belief that Ugandan artistes can overturn the Nigerian musical dominance on the continent.
Pallaso, just like Radio and Weasel agreed to Chameleone’s call to embrace unity. And to prove their allegiance to the cause, Chameleone, Weasel, Radio and Pallaso are said to have recorded a song together.
The three brothers and their longtime friend- Radio, spent the better part Sunday at the Leone Island studios recording.
As the singers did what they do best, their girlfriends/ wives, had a bonding moment as they spent sometime at a hangout in Munyonyo.
Just like Radio, Weasel and Pallaso, our sources remained tightlipped about the development, but none of them denied the allegations.

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