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Bebe’s son to train in London soccer academy


On Monday, singer Bebe Cool and his wife Zuena surprised their first born Alpha Thierry Ssali with a luxurious iPhone 6 for his birthday present.
The 11-year-old who had assembled a few friends and teammates from his soccer academy for a simple birthday do at his grandfather’s Kiwatule Recreation Centre, looked on in amazement as his father handed him a white box.
On opening the box, Alpha’s eyes landed on an iPhone 6, the latest release from Apple.
Alpha and his friends took turns to check out the apps of the phone, which was released late last year.
But Bebe insisted that the phone was just a gift that might not help his son develop the way he would want him to.
“I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, and he said he wanted two things; to train in an academy in the UK and an iPhone 6. Both me and his mother settled for the training, but I thought so hard and realised that we were giving him what we wanted but hadn’t paid attention to the other thing he wanted, so I went to town the following day and bought the phone,” Bebe told us.
Bebe said Alpha will go for a month’s training at an academy in London, which he refused to disclose starting sometime next week.

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