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The track : Riziki Yo – Grace Nakimera

One thing music fans will not forget about Grace Nakimera is her Anfukula hit, which established her as a solo act after her Ani Akumanyi duet that was released back in 2005. Nakimera produced more music for a while till her fame withered either because of her motherhood or lack of creativity.
However, we believe that every musician should have a vacation. After about a year off the airwaves Nakimera is back to top charts. One good thing about Nakimera is her unique style, more of a hybrid of kidandali and reggae. On this track Riziki Yo, She keeps her style intact, giving the public a new slogan for minding one’s business, Riziki Yo.
When one listens to this song, the message is mainly speaking against laziness, jealousy and other vices. She warns her fans not to look down upon one’s success, because they are meant to be that way by fate. This is simply a work song that a hard working person should keep on their playlist. The reggae instrumentals sync well with her vocals giving this song listening pleasure.

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