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NTV’s Rachael Mwine expecting their first child


A year and a few months later, the Mwines have given us reason to appear on these pages. The last time Ben Mwine and his wife Rachael appeared on these pages, was when they wedded last year on September 28.
However, unlike several couples that wed and just a few months down the road a baby pops up, the Mwines decided to take their time.
But after all the patience, we would like to reveal that Ben and Rachael are expecting their first child. News from NTV Uganda is that Rachael is a bit lazy these days and normally takes naps during the day. “She is also very sensitive to perfumes and she has put on some good weight,” one of Rachael’s fellow anchors told us.
Sources close to the couple told us that she is about five months pregnant and she has been very well so far without complications.
Ben, already a father of one, is also extremely excited about his works and he has been seen getting closer to Rachael every other day! All the best Ben and Rachael!

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