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Ivan gets plastic surgery as Zari re -settles in


Wait a minute! Does Zari demand of Ivan Ssemwanga to have a slim or rather well-toned body as a condition to stay with him? When the couple split up last year, Zari fell for former BBA representative Isaac Lugudde a.k.a LK4. In their photos, the socialite was always seen touching the basket baller’s packs. And when they broke up, Zari returned to the father of his children, who had shortly undergone his first plastic surgery. Pre-surgery photos of Ivan emerged and he looked half his former size. Earlier this year, Zari broke up with Ivan and hooked up a one Pharouque Sempala, a well-toned soldier. After months of public romance, Zari broke up with Pharouque and headed back to her husband. Shortly after her return, Ivan underwent another surgery last week. It is rumoured that during the surgery, Ivan’s doctors sucked out a large amount of fats from his body, which automatically gives him a way slimmer look. This sent us wondering if Zari is subjecting Ivan to the surgery sessions just so he looks like some of the men Zari is likely to fall for! We need an answer Ivan.

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