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Tricks on how to make quick bucks at university


Spending over three months at campus, relying on only upkeep from your parents is never a walk in a park. One must hustle really hard to earn that extra buck to afford a good life while at campus. Here are some simple ‘jobs’ you can try out.

Write; yes write! Doesn’t it feel good minting some coins off your words [ask this writer, he’s a living example]. There are so many websites and newspapers that pay university students to write for them. So kick out the brokeness and start scribbling your way to the bank. Media houses can never have enough writers, so drop an email to an editor and be the next freelance writer.

Usher; I personally know a lot of varsity students who are ushers. They are paid roughly 50k-100k per gig and have at least one event every week. Most of these events happen at night, so they won’t counter with your studies, if you’re a day student.

Graphics designing; If you are doing an IT-related course, then it is high time you started putting some of the little knowledge you have so far garnered from the darned unending lectures. There are so many companies that need business cards, brochures, websites, among others. Utilise your contacts to start up, convince them you can design the above and boom, brokeness will surely cease to be your regular visitor.

Start up a mini bakery; With your upkeep, you can start baking cakes, daddies, frying crisps and establish your market as the sole supplier, of say, the guild canteen or your hostel canteen. You may start by selling to your fellow coursemates and hostelmates.

Play video games [Looser pay]; Hehehehe I know this is pure gambling, but heck, it is survival for the fittest yo, do whatever you can to eat a rolex daily, including playing video games for money. If you already have the console, call up your friends. There are those chaps who feel unbeaten, when they argue about who is an ass-kicker, tell them to stake their money and whoop that ass, real bad! You must be a good gamer though.

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