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Our girl Ellah is safe for now

It is a good week for our Big Brother Africa (BBA) fans as our housemate, Ellah, survived being evicted on Sunday. She is also not on the chopping board. After being up for eviction each Sunday, it is such a relief for her not to be on. #TeamEllah was also tired of telling people to vote for her all the time. Now the eviction show will be tension-free, and we hope the performances will be really good.

In other news, Ellah cooked the other day and from the way Tayo complimented her, the food must have been really tasty. Luis is missing Mira so bad, he cried when she was sent packing but no one thought it was that serious. But when their group did not win their task he got so depressed and started talking about all sorts of saddening things.
Away from the hook-ups, some naughty housemates have been seen stealing alcohol. Idris was punished for breaking the door after losing his temper after the party on Friday night. He was asked to do everything and anything that the head of house JJ told him to do. Meanwhile, JJ is earning so many enemies because of his bossy acts, but the fans love and are always voting for him. As for Permithias, people are tired of his American accent, God help him come Sunday. Do not forget that Rwanda helped us save Ellah and now that their housemates Arthur and Frankie are both up for eviction, they need our votes. Arthur is the comedian and Frankie is the guy who has a secret crush on Ellah.


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