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King Saha shops for BMW Z3

The rumour mill has been making rounds that singer King Saha traded his recently-concluded Mulirwana album launch concerts for a car. But we are here for ‘Truth Everyday’ and we bring you exactly that.
King Saha told us that he did not trade any of his concerts for a car. He explained that he got his first car, a Toyota, from a long time friend he referred to as ‘Younger.’ “We had our dealings and he gave me the car but that was not in return for my Mulirwana album launch,” Saha told us.
Meanwhile, during our brief stint with Saha, we realised that the Gundeze singer had actually graduated to a more luxurious ride – a silver-grey BMW Z3. A similar car has been driven by singers like Chameleone, Weasel and Coco Finger. However, Saha’s is a 2004 model and he adores it like his entire career and life depends on it. He was tightlipped about how much he parted with for the Germany-made machine, but car dealers told us that the car ranges between Shs22m and Shs35m. Congs Saha!

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