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Four One One

Hustler : Yasin Kalema

His uncle gave him Shs5m as gratitude for being a loyal employee for more than four years. But it is not the money Yasin was grateful for, but the knowledge he got from his uncle.

What do you do? What is the name of your business and what do you deal in?
I named it Esselin tyres and merchandise. We sell both new and used tyres, tubes, brakes, oil and all auto accessories.

Why did you name the business Esselin?
I have a friend who was also my business partner who stays at a place called Esselin in Johannesburg, South Africa. Because of our friendship, I decided to name the business after his area. I visit him once in a while.

When did you start  and with how much?
I started it in 2008 with Shs5m.

Why did you go into such business?
My uncle introduced me to this business after my Senior Six. He taught me how to repair and differentiate types of tyres. When he learned that I was stable enough, he gave me start up capital.

What are some of the types of tyres you deal in?
We sell commercial tyres for trailers, fuso, bus, Tata and all passenger cars and trucks. We deal in brands like Continental, Linglong, Green Dragon, MRF, Ceat, Orgnet, Michellin, Pirelli, Triangle etc.

How does this business work?
I have different departments. If the tyre department doesn’t do well, then the repairs department or brakes does it for me.

What sells most?
Tyre repairs because it is technical and we are just a few who are skilled in it.

What are your charges?
I charge Shs2,500 to do patches, Shs5,000 for valve replacement, Shs15,000 for small tyre repairs and Shs60,000 for huge tyres. The tyre sales depend on the market price, size and brand.

Where do you get them from?
I get them from importers and local distributors.

What did you start with in this business?
I started with a vulcaniser, a metal that repairs tyres. It cost me Shs3m and the tube vulcanizer cost Shs1m. I spent the rest on rent. I used the little I got from repairs to buy tyres.

Where are you located?
At Mackay Road, MBK arcade, Shop B49.

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