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Fashion tip : Wrap up your bottom


Wrap up your bottom: For the times when you will want to show off a little thigh without seeming skimpy, in comes the wrap skirt and dress.

When you think of showing some skin, always devise particular ways to do it. Well, if you are going to be showing off some skin, then let it leave a stylish impression on your onlookers.
So while the plunging neckline may have resolved those issues, in as far as the bottom is concerned the wrap is your perfect solution.
The wrap skirt or dress is a vintage styling trick, that is back with a little asymmetrical twist to it, probably to let it blend in with the newer trends that we have on the scene.
You can rock your wrap skirt on a Thursday, or a Friday for dress down Friday. Or you could have the wrapped dress on for a red carpet moment. Keep switching this up, depending on what your fashion preferences are. You can wear your skirt with a tee, and have this tucked in and add a metal plated belt to the look. Or you could wear it with a crop top and add a varsity jacket to complete.
The shoes also vary, and there are a variety to choose from. The wedged sneakers will work on the Friday look, the strapped ankle heels will be perfect if you are wearing your skirt to the red carpet and the ankle boost can work for a rocker chic kind of look.
The points of purchase are endless. You could ask your delivery guy from Owino to find you a few wrapped skirts and dresses that could set you back by about Shs20,000-Shs30,000. You could also find one at Tina’s Boutique in Naalya, with prices ranging between Shs100,000 and Shs250,000.

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