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Bobi Wine ’s ex-manager goes job hunting in Radio & Weasel camp


Last Tuesday, Bobi Wine confirmed rumours that he had relieved his longtime manager Lawrence Labejja of his duties. In a statement Bobi issued on his Facebook wall, he maintained that Lawrence was still part of the team-Fire Base.
“This is to communicate that Mr Lawrence Labeja has been relieved of his duties as the business manager of Fire Base Entertainment. Therefore, from hence forth, all business, bookings, inquiries etc, shall be conducted at our head office, Semakokiro Plaza, Plot 240 Old Kiira Road Kamwokya, Kampala. Note: This reshuffle has not been influenced by any negativity or bad blood, Mr Labeja remains a family member, a friend and a brother…” read Bobi’s statement in part.
But although Bobi ruled out any bad blood between him and Lawrence, sources at the Fire Base headquarters told us that the two had been involved in long standing arguments to do with mismanagement of money on Lawrence’s part.
But as the message was sent out, Lawrence was busy pitching for a job at Sweet Lyfe camp of Radio and Weasel. Our sources told us that Lawrence had spoken to Radio and Weasel before they travelled for their UK and US tours and they had okayed him to become their booking agent. However, he is fully answerable to Radio and Weasel’s manager Chagga.
As you read this, Lawrence is already running around trying to make sure he earns some commission by booking for shows for Radio and Weasel.

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