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Kansiime in bar business


On reading the story that we ran on these very pages last week, about her fiancé Gerald Ojok a.k.a. OJ quitting his job to take on her managerial role, comedienne Anne Kansiime called us and dismissed the allegations.
She told us that partner in crime; Fun Factory comedian Emma Kakai is still her Ugandan manager. “My husband simply got leave and we went on a holiday together. He is still a lecturer, whoever told you that he quit is a liar,” she said.
But that’s not the reason we are writing this story. Today’s story is about Kansiime venturing into bar business. The funny girl from Kabale is the proud owner of the new Kubby’s Bar in Naalya. Kansiime’s new initiative is just a walkable distance from Sharon O’s Blue Ice Bar.
While Blue Ice is bigger in size, Kubby’s is sizeable but has better structures and an upscale look.
During a random visit over the weekend, we were shocked to find quite a crowd at Kubby’s, which had opened just days back.
With her name up there and yet still on the rise, coupled with her huge fan-base, Kansiime’s move to venture into bar business is timely as her legion of fans has found a place where they can freely interact with their star.


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