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Freshers are settling in


Blending in: The brown envelopes that were associated with freshers are no more as they get used to life on the hill, but the so-called freshers balls continue.

A few weeks into the new semester, freshers at Makerere University are finally settling into campus life. The brown envelopes that accompanied the trips from one office building to another and the long queues at the banks are not a common sight anymore.
But there still are young faces that look confused, moving as though unsure of their destination, often stopping to ask for directions. The continuing students, male ones especially, are more than glad to help or even walk a female fresher to the door of her lecture room.
It is not uncommon to be greeted by strangers passing by. I have had to be nice, and smile and greet them too. Freshers still live in the past, the high school setting where canes ruled their lives and respect to elders was paramount. I have heard conversations about how good their high schools were, prom and all. They are not pleasant to hear.
Meanwhile, freshers have literally been having a ball. Notice boards are littered with posters inviting freshers to attend balls and beach bashes. It appears continuing students have not had enough of welcoming the young fellows to campus. Mitchell Hall organised a freshers’ bash last Friday and there was also a freshers’ dinner at St Augustine chapel on the same evening.The Lumbox Freshers beach do was on Sunday at Lido Beach.
Aside from fresher tales, some medical students may spend more years at university. The Medical School is implementing a “stay-put” policy that requires continuing students to clear any retakes before moving onto the next level.

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