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Fan meets NTV’s Robin Kisti


she is back: Fresh from maternity leave NTV Login presenter Robin Kisti meets her fan Abubakar Shebbe, an actor with BR Entertainment and talks abmotherhood and her career

Hi Robin nice to meet you my name is Shebbe. How have you been and how is motherhood?
Nice to meet you too Shebbe. I’m okay. Life has been so wonderful ever since I gave birth to my prince, Romeu. I spend most of my time with him and its fun all the time.

How is he?
He’s okay, he plays a lot and watches TV.

Now that you are back on TV, after your maternity leave, who takes care of him while away?
I leave him with my mum and my sister but I’m always with him whenever I’m free.

It’s nice to see you back on TV. What should we expect on Login this time round or it’s still going to be the same?
A lot is going to change. Login is going international because a few weeks from now, we will be travelling to South Africa to cover the three day Tribe One Festival, which will have over 350 artistes including Nicki Minaj, Tiwa Savage, our own Naava Grey, Keko and Maurice Kirya. Of course expect more coverage of parties, one on one interviews and we are also contemplating starting a new segment with different artistes and celebrities within a studio setting.

Your social media pages are inactive these days. What’s happening?
When I was pregnant, I wanted a peace of mind and didn’t want to post anything that would lead to controversy, so I decided to give social media a break, but in a way it has made people miss and yearn for me.

You look good and in shape. How did you manage to get back after giving birth?
Thank you. I used to work out during my pregnancy, which in a way helped my muscles shape up. I continued with my normal meals and here I am, back in shape.

How does it feel being a public figure and at the same time a mother?
At first, I was scared for my career and people’s words, but NTV supported me all through it. It’s not every day that a TV company lets you work up to seven months. They embraced me in ways I couldn’t imagine. It feels so good because people now take me serious, grown up and professional.

What else do you do besides TV?
I’m part of a charity organisation called Life and Hope. We help in nurturing children’s talents, careers and we give them hope and motivation. Because of our contacts and experience, we show them the right directions to take in different fields like music, acting and so on. We also identify those that are talented through visiting different schools every term.
I also have a record label called New Vibez Entertainment, which helps in promoting and managing artistes. So far, Allan Kutos and Philosopher are our main artistes. The label had taken a break because we needed to have material and because of my pregnancy, but now that I’m back, we are working on albums for both artistes.

Who is Robin Kisti?
My name is Robina Nambooze. Kisti comes from Kisitu, our mother’s name but I just took out a few letters. I was born in Uganda, moved to the UK when I was 12 years old, then moved to the US eight years later from where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Acting. I came back to Uganda in 2012.

How did you join Login?
My first slot on TV was the Hot Steps show and when the season ended, I applied to do Login because the previous presenter had taken leave, so they offered it to me.

What message do you have for us who want to be like you?
Love everyone who loves you, don’t mind criticism, be courageous and never give up. I love everyone who watches Login because without you guys, we wouldn’t have these ratings.

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