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hustler : Allen Asiimwe


She studied software engineering but she is now into the fashion business.

What is the name of your business?
Alyn Rosy. I like being formal and I didn’t want my business to be attributed to my tribe. I twisted my Allen name to Alyn, and added Rosy, which means something optimistic or promising.

What exactly do you do at Alyn Rosy?
I tailor cultural clothes customised for client’s satisfaction. I make bags, shoes in all materials both Western and African. I also make traditional, bridal, party wear, casual wear and uniforms for both sexes.

Why are you involved in this kind of business?
I am a software engineer by profession but decided to divert from that field because of my love for style. My late mum was also a tailor and when she passed on, I got so interested in design, and the other reason is that I wanted to be my own boss.

You studied software engineering, how did you learn tailoring?
I learnt the basics from my late mother who was also a tailor, but I upgraded my skills and knowledge from Nilayi University in Malaysia.

How much did you invest in this business and how much is it worth now?
I started four years ago and invested Shs7m, but it’s now worth Shs20m.

Where do you buy your materials from?
I buy bulk materials from Tanzania, at a place called Bunagana situated on the Congo border, but if they are in small quantities, I get them from downtown.

How expensive or cheap are you?
The cheapest cloth goes for Shs80,000 all the way up to Shs300,000. Shoes range from Shs35,000 to Shs150,000. Bags cost Shs70,000 only.

How much do you earn in a good and bad season?
If the season is good, I make Shs1m a week and if it’s bad, I make between Shs300,000 and Shs500,000.

What are some of the challenges you are facing?
Customers being hasty and arrogant, and then some of them are so specific in what they want, yet some designs don’t favour their sizes and heights. Also, some materials are scarce.

What is your dream about this business?
I want to represent Uganda on the international stage.

And how are you planning to do that?
Making nice designs, getting more clients and participating in more showcases. I am travelling to Nairobi next month for a fashion show. I have participated in various showcases in Uganda previously like the fashion night at Club Silk, the Halloween party at Venom last year and so on.

How long would it take you to design an outfit, tailor it and make it ready for a client?
If I’m not busy, I can even make it in one day but I usually give my clients up to a week to pick up their clothes. I hate working under pressure, so I give myself time to enable my clients get maximum satisfaction.

How can someone reach you?
You can visit my website or visit my Facebook page alyn rosy or contact me on 0775449979.

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