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Hustler: Musa Onjima

Onjima in his boutique, Fashion Bay, at Equatorial Shopping Mall. PHOTO BY ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE As a model with interest in fashion, he stepped up his game by opening a boutique

What kind of business do you do?
I deal in men’s second hand clothes ranging from shirts, khaki trousers, jeans, T-shirts, sneakers, baseball caps, belts, shades, ties and perfumes.

What’s the name of the business?
It’s called Fashion Bay. I started it in June, last year.

How much did you invest?
I invested Shs2.5m.

Where did you get the money to start the business from?
From my savings. I also work as a model with Zulu Modelling Agency.

Why fashion of all businesses?
I have always loved fashion and being a model, it has always been my dream to own this kind of business?

Where do you get your clothes from?
From Owino (St Balikudembe Market) and several suppliers who bring me items.

How much do you charge for your items.
Different items attract different prices.
Jeans cost between 25k and 50k, khaki pants cost between 20k and 30k, T-shirts and shirts range from 15k to 30k, sneakers go for between 50k and 150k, while baseball caps cost between 15k and 20k.

Why do you deal in second hand clothes?
New clothes are very expensive, besides, second hand clothes are unique.

Who are your clients?
They are mostly young outgoing corporates, campusers and some guys in secondary schools.

What hardships do you find in doing this business?
There are untrustworthy customers who take items on credit and they don’t honour their debts. Then the prices for second clothes are unstable. It is not like new items where a pair of jeans will cost you Shs15,000 from the wholesaler. With second hand clothes, it depends on the quality of the item. This has even been worsened by the heavy taxes on second hand items.

Where is this business located and why that specific area?
We are at Equatorial Mall, Level 2, shop 151. The place is quite accessible and affordable at the same time. We pay only Shs400,000 a month.


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