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Gashumba to co-host NTV’s The Beat show with Douglas

When she lost this year’s Buzz Teeniez Awards (BTAs) Teeniez Teen TV presenter accolade to UBC TV’s Mc Talha, her father Frank Gahumba went up in arms.
The self-proclaimed motivational speaker and Mali Group CEO, Frank Gashumba made a post on his Facebook wall accusing the organisers of the awards for being unfair to his daughter. He even went ahead and called the organisers names.
In the same post, Gashumba also indicated that he is “nurturing his daughter for bigger things and not the Ugandan market.”
But to some critics, Gashumba’s uproar was misguided as his daughter had actually overgrown the teenage stage. While Sheila is still a teenager, many think she is now out of touch with her agemates because of the places she hangs out at and company she keeps.
Well, daddy’s little girl is officially stepping into the adult zone. The latest on our desk indicates that Sheila will not be hosting the T-Nation show on NTV anymore.
Instead, she will join Douglas Lwanga to do The Beat that the latter has been hosting alone since sometime last year.
Our sources told us that Sheila will start co-hosting the show with Douglas this coming Monday July 21, but till then, we shall wait to see how her controversial father will perceive the move. Congs Sheila!

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