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Chameleone’s wife Daniella constructing mansion in Agago

gsp-daniellaBecause of her light skin complexion, singer Jose Chameleone’s Daniella might not strike you as a person from northern Uganda. But Daniella, whose maiden name is Atim is a proud Acholi from Agago District. And to prove how proud she is of her roots, the singer’s wife decided to put up a mansion in her home area.
Daniella started construction of a five bedroomed-house earlier this year and as we speak, the project is already at roofing level. When contacted, Daniela insisted she didn’t want her personal developments to be in the papers. However, we thought you, our esteemed readers and Leone Island fans would love to know how the crew’s first lady is spending her monies.
A close source to Daniella told us that the soft-spoken Leone Island first lady makes monthly trips to Agago to personally see the progress of the construction works. According to the source, Daniella’s grandmother will be living in the house but Daniella and her children will be regular visitors as she intends to start up agricultural projects on the huge chunks of land she owns in the area.

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