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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos


Bebe cool introduces GAGAMEL atm CARDS FOR SHOW PAYMENTS

Sqoop: Just like he says in his song Nkola Byafayo … Bebe Cool is really making history. This time fans who want to watch his Best of Bebe Cool concert on August 8, will have to use Gagamel ATM Cards. No tickets, you buy a card and load it with money. You can even use the same card for future Bebe Cool concerts. It will be swiped at the entrance for Bebe to receive his payment.

John Kennedy Mujjuzi: Hope it doesn’t flop.

Dollar Bill Bukenan: Big is Big.

Xander Dance: Now that’s a new trend, he beat them all to the punch.

Lukwago Alex: Totukooya nawe!

Andrew Sematimba: How I wish all the artistes borrow a relief from his new trend, It will work, congz Bebe Cool.

Aliony Have Mercy: Big z Bebe.

Izman Ismahl: Big s big towakana:

AniontedBonny Barons: Yo!!!!!!!!!!!! Big is big. Attack them once again.

Julio Mani: Full force 2014.

Canthonie Swift Mbabzo: Gagamel for ever full force, gd to go.

George L. Thomas: Wow! That’s so unique and creative. The “Cool” in his name has been verified.

Medard Kabbz: Atm its something common.

John Bosco Kalinda: Bebe, we luv u dats a step ahead.

Prosie K Hector: Dats totaly nating ATM is not a new thing i cant believe he’s so foolish dat he didnt think abt his funs of d lower class who no nothing abt atm cards en atm machines he’s Bebe  fool 4 sure.

K Kisti Andrew: Extra large

Husna Mugenyi Adyeeri: Bambi…nice!!

Ponsiano Mugyenyi: I wonder wat pipo want. If u can’t match de Gagamel style, beta shut ur beaks n watch gagamel ting dis. Wat dem gona do?I bet nothing…

Kuol Peter: Smart move @ a wrong tym.

Ruhanga Ivan Naville: let’s wait ad se bt Bebe…..Bobi is also not sleeping Bebe beta know dat. Ate he may offer another free entry album launch.

Benard Mutatiina Kihiinda: He should concentrate on being innovative musically than technologically. I mean no hits to show he is a lost chap, the boys he used bully are in control of the music industry ie Gudlyf , Kenzo ,etc.

William Mbaziira: From now on… I am team Bebe….. sponsorship for 5 university students.. .I call that patriotism… everybody should/will pick a leaf… u have set a new trend.

Ezekiel Opolot: Thatz my boy! ,..He z even a good trainer, listen 2 Rema Namakula’s music, nice. I suppose bebe had a hand. Guyz u know what I’m tryn 2 say.

Sunday Charles: Let’s hope all his fans are informed early because it involves alot of procedures Byafayo Reloaded…best wishes.

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