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Komuntale’s ex returning to look for a “Queen of God”


Christopher Thomas, the man who separated with Tooro princess Ruth Komuntale barely a year after their wedding, last week took to the social media and expressed discontent over referring to him as Komuntale’s ex-hubby and above all, former Duke!

In a Facebook post on his wall, Thomas stated. “Do not refer to me as an ex of a person. I am Chris Duke Thomas, that’s who I am, a man of God who is single and not looking for a Princess of the earth but a Queen who follows God.”

Thomas wrote the above statement in response to an article we ran last Friday indicating that he was returning to Kampala to do business, but some people had pointed out that he might be coming to pursue his former wife.

When asked why he was insisting on being a Duke yet he had separated with the princess, Thomas gave a shot at teaching about titles and marriage; “I know everyone does not understand titles and marriage life. I’ll teach you. When a priest leaves church he is still called a father and he still can do God’s work. So people, titles do not change because of events in life. A President will always be a president, so is a judge and a prince.”

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