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Ganda Boys donate incubator and computers to Kawolo


Don’t know the Ganda Boys? Let’s bring you up to speed. The Ganda Boys consist of Denis Mugaga and Daniel Sewagudde, who formerly traded as Da Twinz. Da Twinz were a UK-based musical duo that mad a mark back home with several hits.

Da Twinz later teamed up with famous international music producer Craig Pruess to start up a music group dubbed the Ganda Boys. They also started a charity foundation dubbed the Ganda Foundation.

Like the saying goes, “charity begins at home,” the Ganda Boys chose to return and start with improving the situation in Denis and Daniel’s home area in Lugazi. Along with Pruess, the trio visited Kawolo Hospital and Lugazi Community Primary School as well as the children’s cancer institute at Mulago hospital.

The Ganda Boys held a fundraising show at which they collected funds to treat a young boy who needed immediate treatment for cancer.
And on Tuesday, the Ganda Foundation delivered a high-tech incubator machine to Kawolo Hospital as well as 10 computers and monitors to Lugazi Community Primary School.

“We are glad for having enabled this school to be the first in the region to have a computer laboratory. Thanks to all our supporters and well-wishers around the world,” said Dennis Mugaga. Way to go Ganda Boys!

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