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Charlie Lubega and Elvis Sekyanzi size up each other?


They are both moneybags and they both run two of the best nightclubs in this country. They are both very down to earth men, and their dress code tells it all.

Having been each other’s direct competition for years, considering that their clubs are situated a walkable distance from each other, one would assume, Club Silk’s Elvis Sekyanzi and Guvnor’s Charlie Lubega are sworn enemies.

But no, the brothers do not seem to hold any beef against each other; at least not by the way we saw them warmly exchanging greetings when they met over the weekend.

And please do not be fooled by the photo; Elvis and Charlie were not weighing in for a bout, but they just decided to pull off a swaggerrific pose when they saw the cameraman looking their direction.

Elvis and Charlie were part of the leading business captains hosted by the Uganda Breweries Managing Director Nyimpini Mabunda at a Single Malt whisky tasting dinner he hosted at his Naguru home last Saturday.

We are not sure what the two men were discussing, but we are sure it must have been along the lines of why the prices of alcoholic beverages are shooting so high as well as their expectations of what the upcoming national budget might say about alcohol prices.

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