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Desire Luzinda opens up on her age, dating and music


FOREVER 25?: The tabloids say she celebrates her 25th birthday every year. Darius Mugisha talked to her about her age, the men and her Black and White Affair concert that is on this evening.

Afew days ago, Maj Juma Seiko came out with claims that he is the father of your child. Have you ever dated him?
Have you ever seen me with him? I mean you (the media) are the eye of the public and you have seen me with people. At least you saw me with Seya (Hajji Nasser Ntege Ssebagala), and although you rushed into conclusion that I was dating him, you had no evidence, but you had at least seen me with him. But how come no one has ever seen me with Juma Seiko? My daughter is not Seiko’s daughter, and I’m sure he knows that very well.

Why do you think he is claiming paternity of your daughter, many people think there’s no smoke without fire?
I’m also equally puzzled. I don’t know why he is doing this, especially at a time like this when I’m having a concert that means so much to my career. Let’s be sincere, if someone has your child, you don’t wait for 10 years. Where has he been? I think he is the best to answer this; he must be having a hidden agenda. Honestly, I’m still baffled by Seiko’s intentions.

So let’s clear the air; who is the father of your child?
(Laughs and takes a deep look at me) … I will tell you because you are Sqoop Magazine. The father of my child is Michael Kaddu. I prefer his life to remain private, we are very good friends and we are raising our daughter.

At 10 years of age, your daughter is old enough to understand media stories. How have these stories affected her?
I wouldn’t like to speak on her behalf, but I know she was really hurt. But I talked to her and I tried to make her understand. She has known her father from day one. So I tried to make her understand that these are just some the false stories and claims that have always come my way because I am a celebrity. I re-emphasised it to her that she will always have one father.

How has she been able to handle the pressure at school? Don’t her peers use it against her?
I don’t think she is facing any problems at school. Namagunga Primary is a very good school, I trust them when it comes to handling students and they take great trouble to guide other students on how to handle their peers. I talked to the teachers, my daughter is a very loved pupil, and she is very safe and is not facing any problems from her peers.

Is it true you dragged Afande Juma Seiko to court?
Yes, my lawyers Sheila Namahe and Mukasa Mbidde served him with a notice and it’s one of the major things I will be dealing with after my concert.

Turning to your love life. Are you single, dating or searching?
I’m happily dating, but I don’t feel comfortable telling everyone about who I’m dating.

We have heard about you dating Seya, then some Nigerians?
(Laughs out loud and immediately switches to a serious face) … I wouldn’t like to comment about that. But most of those rumours are simply lies.

So now that you are dating, should we expect a wedding soon?
If God says so, why not? But for now, I’m working towards a happy relationship, I’m not pushing for a wedding, but if it comes, I will be sure it will be the right time and I will happily embrace it.

Have you thought about having more children?
Everything depends on God’s will. Having children is a lot of sacrifice. You think about your body, your work and so many things. I had my daughter when I was 19, I wasn’t expecting a baby at that age, a lot changed about me, I was young, but here we are. So if I am to have a second child, it will be God’s will at a perfect timing.

If your daughter is 10 and you were 19 when you had her. It gives us a clue about your real age. And there is this joke of you celebrating your 25th birthday every year. Tell us why you insist on being forever 25.
(Laughs out loud) … Hiding my age was never part of me, I always told my true age from day one, but I realised people are more interested in the negative things about me, so I chose to give them what they wanted to hear. I never started the rumour of “forever 25,” but I chose to play along with it, because people seemed to like it. I will never tell my true age again. I know I am growing by the year, but I am forever 25.

True, you are growing by the year, but you still look beautiful with a clear skin and great curves, what’s the secret?
Wow. Thank you. I think I have a peace of mind and I keep natural. I think many people apply way too many cosmetics and they wear out their naturalness. I also try to eat right; I never eat anything in excess.

Turning to music, you are holding your Black and White Affair concert tonight. Why Black and White? Is there a deeper meaning to this?
Not really. Black and white is beautiful, it’s a good combination. It gives the concert, colour, theme and beauty.

Well, your music career took a downward trend a few years ago. Do you have any idea about what went wrong?
Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t have any idea.

Some critics assume that your career was affected by your break-up with Ken Ntalo, your ex-boyfriend. People think he was dedicating so much time and money into your career?
That’s not true. I’m not with Ken now, and I am doing a concert and it’s the talk of this town.

By the way, what happened between you and Ken?
That’s between me and him.

What steps are you taking to revive your music career?
I believe everyone has their time. I am sure my time will come, it hasn’t passed by. But everything starts now. I’m sure everyone least expected a concert by me, but it’s here and it’s going to be a big bang! It all starts with this concert.

Your collabo Fitting, with Radio and Weasel was such a great come back for you, but how come you guys didn’t shoot a video for the hit song?
I think we all got busy. And I think the song served its purpose, so we just stopped thinking about the video.

We heard that you fell out with Radio and Weasel and they refused to do a music video with you?
Oh my God! Where did you get that from? I have never fallen out with Radio and Weasel. Radio actually wrote one of my new songs called Ekitone.

Tell us about your new music.
I have new songs like Tebakulimba, Gwenjagala, Equation and Ekitone. I’m sure most people haven’t listened to Ekitone because I released it last week. I worked with different producers including Paddy Man, D-King and Crouch. But these are songs I did from the heart to bring out the whole new me. When you listen to these songs, you will agree with me that I sound so different from my past albums.

Your new music has failed to match the popularity of some of your old songs, what do you think might be problem?
I can’t really explain that, but I think, may be, it’s because I changed the tempo of my songs. I mean it’s good music for those that love it. But I hope to try a faster tempo and perhaps my younger fans will stop complaining.

You were quite a good TV presenter, why did you quit TV? Have you thought about presenting again?
Thank you. Presenting is part of me. It’s one thing I’ve always loved to do. I quit WBS, because at that time I had been swallowed by my music, so I concentrated on music. But I’m still grateful for the opportunity WBS TV gave me. However, I have thought about getting back on TV and I think I will be presenting again very soon, although the details are my well-kept secret for now.

Musicians are known to live luxuriously, we have heard that you own luxurious cars and you are building a mansion in Kisaasi … what exactly do you have to your name?
I hate to tell people what I have; why would I start listing what I achieved? I would make the Bitatures laugh. I am just happy that at my age, I have been able to achieve what I have.

With your music curve having taken a downward trend, how have you been able to maintain a luxurious lifestyle?
I should say music gave me a stepping stone or a foundation and I simply spread my wings. I’m sure you don’t see me at many concerts, so many people wonder how I get my money, but it’s the name that I got from my music that I have used to achieve so much more. I think people need to look outside the box and apply brains to make money out of their talents. I believe when you think hard enough, there’s always a way. I’m not saying I don’t earn from my music, I do earn from it.

The Black & White affair has a charity attachment, tell us about your charity works?
I have been doing charity since 2010. If we go way back then, I helped fundraise and contributed for a one Isaac who went for a kidney transplant in India and it turned out successful.
I have helped pay school fees for some under-privileged children. Last year I was in Kisenyi and I donated domestic items for Christmas to Good Shepherd Orphanage. This time round, I chose to involve my fans so that we can donate to Ibanda Babies Home.

What should people expect at the Black & White affair?
People should expect the best of me tonight. It’s going to be a fusion of music and fashion. I will share the stage with my friends, Mesach Semakula, Toniks and Radio & Weasel.

Desire’s Black and White Affair concert is on this evening at the Kampala Serena Hotel. Entrance is Shs100,000 per head and Shs1.5m for a table of 10. The show is sponsored by KFM.

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