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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

Four One One

Radio and Weasel ditch manager

Radio and Weasel

Sqoop:  Radio and Weasel are no longer part of The Goodlyfe Crew. They officially parted ways with their manager Jeff Kiwanuka last week and he introduced Sheeba, AK 47, Pallaso, Bakri and Lydia Jasmine as the new Goodlyfe members going under the name Team No Sleep.

Andre Andie: Don’t u think their zib z #Jeff???

Polycarp Gargamel: Hmm Jeff Kiwa is a disease.

Bokie Jo: Gdlyf will never work without the two coz gdlyf its self is like their other name!

Jameshizo Rap Skillz: Jeff should look 4 a name 4 his crew coz we all kow dat Radio and Weasel are Goodlyfe, period.

Seyo Quencher: That is the Ugandan music industry! Nothing much.

Frank Mwandha: It’s a changing world so everything changes at a given time.

Atuma Richard De Gunners: No smoke without fire.

Nuwagaba Geofrey: He should not use Goodlyfe, let him use another name.

Reetah Twinkle: Let’s see how gudlyf will do without Radio en Weasel coz they put Gudlyf on da map.

Gudlfye Edrine Kamya: Jeff haz lived up to his bad reputation, first Chameleone was alwayz in fights when he was with Jeff, now again the Gdlife always in kavuyo because of Jeff.

Geoffrey Muliika Carter: Ah the Gudlyf magic. It’s tragic that they know nothing abt Radio & Weasel.

Guma Punic: Who cares after all dey gat money.

Phoebe Mukasa: Wts happenin 2 our music industry? It’s such a shame.

Lovely Hannie: Aaarrhhhh who cares, next pliz.

Asiimwe Claudius: Gd lyf z Radio & Weasel not Jeff. Jeff z useless.  Any manager can handle da boys coz they have gold in them. Jeff was enjoying from them even being cheated.

Asiimwe Jones: Let’s hope its nt 4 publicity as usual.

Gwari Thompson: They can move on without Jeff. Wish dem well.

Kamugisha Augustine: What the hell z Goodlyfe without Radio and Weasel.

Allan Pato Mc: We support Radio n Weasel n Jeff.

Racheal Ayikoru Letasi:  Thz guyz can stl mek t alone hmmm wama bakowu.

Damie Damarie: i hiya #team_no_slip… simanya thoz guyz r thievez?? team #eadiology n #TV wil still rule no mata wt.

Okullu Zimbe: Dat iz politic io music

Devy Badiya: TV and Radio can easily get another mgr. Jeff isn’t the only manager.

Watmon Aloysious: Are u kidding me, Radio & Weasel are da embodiment of Gudlyfe, da new gudlyfe, my foot, just pretenders.

Their words

Radio & Weasel: We have changed our management. We thank our former management for working with us for all these years without whom we would not have achieved all this success. With the new management, we hope to bring you with us on a journey that will take the Radio and Weasel brand to new heights. Expect more music, more videos, a national tour, a world tour and more charitable work from us. Thank you to all our friends, fans and family for standing with us through the years. Bless.
Radio and Weasel

Pallaso:  My day started with overwhelming false accusations about me beating up my brother Radio! Jeff, Radio and Weasel are my brothers. If they have their own disagreements, that’s their biz not mine. Me I love them all and we will continue to record music together. Kyoka Abamawulire…but the Almighty God didn’t forget about me and here is evidence of his rewards! I am officially under the branding of DMARK and this is what my first biggest music cheque looks like. Thanks for your continued support ! #Stand4Pallaso.

Bread Kenneth Bet: Pipo think supporting this one will make more sense instead of finding out da truth or uniting both parties. They are busy taking sides yet they don’t know a thing. Some fans think they love Radio and Weasel more than I do. Those guys are good and they will always be but stop making statements in support yet u want them in a different direction.

This is what Chagga and Sizza are doing, they act like they want the best for Radio and Weasel yet they want to fulfill their own interests. Their musical careers are no more so they want da same for ma brothers. They have done everything, talked all kinds of s**t to make our brothers separate en it failed, till they succeeded in separating the best management ever. Been silent for a long tym but I know da truth en dats it. Radio en Weasal had no problem with da management until those two failures came on board to destroy what we planned en dreamt about for years…

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