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Komuntale’s ex returning to Uganda


A few weeks back, Tooro Princess Ruth Komuntale announced her return. Komuntale was probably announcing that she was now ready to move on from her terrible break up with American ex-hubby Thomas Christopher.

But guess who announced his return to Uganda? Thomas Christopher. Yes, the same guy that dramatically broke up with the Tooro princess and sent so much info to tabloids about the princess. We have received reliable information from several sources who were contacted by Thomas.

We had the chance to peruse through a chat between Thomas and a media producer, who preferred anonymity. In the chat, the former Duke showed interest in doing business in Uganda. Thomas discussed several business opportunities with the producer that included importing designer perfumes, a clothing store and production house.

In another chat, with another media personality, Thomas indicated that he will be coming to Kampala this August to do a survey of the business environment in Kampala, so that he invests wisely.

However, some sources close to Princess Komuntale tipped us off that Thomas’s trip to Kampala is just a cover up as he has been pleading for the princess to forgive him for months. According to our sources, Thomas is likely to be coming to try and meet Princess Komuntale face to face.

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