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Comedians Salvado and Cotilda in new rides

SalvadoComedian Patrick Idringi a.k.a. Salvado once joked, “After treating her to expensive drinks in the club, I was sure I had created the right impression, so I wanted to seal it off by offering to drop her home. And as I opened my car, she exclaimed, ‘oh my God, the whole Salvado, drives a Premio’!”
He might have employed the joke to crack people’s ribs, but it was one fact Salvado admitted to have faced several times in real life. “Everyone seemed to be shocked whenever they saw me disembarking from my Premio, yet I loved it,” Salvado told us

However, that can be counted in the past as a few weeks back, Salvado, who is currently doing a three-months long comedy tour in South Africa, shipped in a Toyota Harrier. Salvado told us that he settled for the Harrier because he needed a relatively bigger car, “but again not very huge; so the Harrier just does it for me!”
Salvado told us that he retained his Premio; “Mama Abby (Daphne, who is Salvado’s girlfriend), drives the Premio. She loved it, so she requested that she retains it instead of buying her a new car!”

But, it’s not only Salvado that is celebrating acquisition of a new ride as former ally, Cotilda Inapo, also recently unveiled a Toyota Harrier, to the amusement of fellow comedians at the Laftaz comedy Lounge.
Sources close to the organiser of the Queens of Comedy monthly show, told us that Cotilda had shipped in the car a few months back, but had trouble putting together money to clear taxes.
Congs Salvado and Cotilda. We now know, comedy is a funny way of being serious!

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