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Chameleone’s new videos to premiere on Trace and MTV

JoseLike we told you last week, events leading to Jose Chameleone’s annual album launch concerts always come with both joy and sorrow. Shortly before his concert last Friday, Uganda Revenue Authority impounded his Cadillac Escalade over failure to pay taxes.
The car was still with URA by the time we went to press. However, that did not deter Chameleone from making history as he was the first Ugandan artiste to hold a commercial concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval. While so many fans disperse whenever there’s a downpour, even at concerts featuring international artistes, thousands braved the rain to show love to Chameleone.

Away from the concert, Chameleone announced that he is set to release music videos that he shot in South Africa in February.
In what seemed like a video-shooting spree, Chameleone re-did two of his videos including Gimme Gimme and Valu Valu, with a professional touch by globally respected production house, iKind Media. Chameleone also shot three new videos.

The singer entered into an exclusivity agreement with international music channels including MTV Base and Trace to premiere his latest videos. According to the agreement, the two music channels will exclusively play the videos three weeks before they play on any other TV channel in the world.

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