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I’m giving the kids a platform to join the big boys – Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool

So how prepared is Bebe Cool for the Battle of Champions?
It is strange but I am not going to underestimate anything. I am 100 per cent prepared, actually more prepared than I was last time because last time’s opponent (Bobi Wine) was not a musical opponent.

This time I know these are kids, I hope what I think is what I am going to find but I would say this year’s opponents are fairly singers. I don’t want to underestimate someone and I get a shock of a life time just because they are not in my league musically. You don’t want a person who is not in your league to outshine you or to end your career.

Why did you accept to do the battle with the GoodLyfe?
I think it is good for the industry to have, if I battle these Good Lyfe people I check myself. They are the only upcoming artistes who have tried to do some music that people sometimes end up liking. You know they have competed positively. If I compare GoodLyfe and Bobi Wine, GoodLyfe are singers.

Word is that you were paid quite a handsome fee for this battle…how much money were you paid?
I cannot say how much but it was a record breaking payment so it is something I have respected promoter B.K for, because that is what we want for the industry of Uganda.

We heard that you were paid Shs120m …
No comment.

There must be Good Lyfe songs that you like. Which are some of these songs?
Basically Good Lyfe does music but Good Lyfe does not do constructive music, they don’t have songs that carry messages. I am an artiste that sings messages in music rather than just having fun. Unfortunately their songs are just party songs … listen to Amaaso, it is all about love.

Surely there are some songs you like?
I think I enjoy Zuena, I enjoy that one. Then Ekyaama is a good song plus Magnetic. If I was in club, of course I would enjoy dancing to Magnetic. But as a contender, I do not look at these as hit songs.

The last time we talked to you, you said you really liked Radio’s voice…
Yeah, I like his voice as a singer and I hope he uses it. What I know, he hasn’t used it because the only way you can use your voice as a singer is when you play live music.

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