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Good Lyfe vs Bebe Cool

Battle of Champions

Bebe Cool and Good Lyfe will know who is the king after this evening’s musical battle. Emmy Omongin weighs the enemies.

Today the tough boisterous Goodlyfe boys face off the Gagamel president and self-proclaimed big size in what most people deem as the “Battle of Zuena”. During Bebe Cool’s press conference he boastfully told the public that the reason he fronts his wife is because she’s the finest lady in the country. He also dared the Goodlyfe boys to parade their women today and show them off on stage like he does. “Those katalas have so many women in that they cannot come out to publically clarify who their real women are,” Bebe Cool confidently added. Radio and Weasal on the other hand accuse Bebe Cool of using Zuena for fame. “The only reason Bebe Cool is still in the music industry is because of his wife. He would have faded long time but since Zuena appears on TV more often than him, he has somehow managed to survive in this music industry. But today is his judgment day,” said Radio.
Well, we look at how each of them fares in different aspects.

This is not Bebe Cool’s first time in a music ring. Big Size has managed to battle and knock out the likes of Bobi Wine and Nigeria’s D’Banj in a live musical fight. Radio and Weasal on the other hand have never battled. This is their first time to take to the musical ring. Statistically, Bebe Cool has two fights, two knockouts and no loss and Radio and Weasal have 0 fights, 0 knockouts and 0 losses.

Bebe Cool is known for driving his ‘Big Size’ Hummer most of the time whereas the Goodlyfe boys have more than 10 saloon cars, with a Mercedes Benz ML as their latest addition. Bebe Cool even has a line in his Coccidiosis song referring to these boys as it has a line, “Tuyina emotoka kumi’ewaka” (we have 10 cars parked at home). We all know saloon cars consume little fuel as compared to monster rides like a Hummer. So, between changing cars like clothes and having one expensive car that’s hard to maintain which is harder? That’s for you to figure out!

Ask Weasal to point out his children and you will see trouble. Meanwhile, although Radio has one child with singer Lillian Mbabazi, Bebe Cool during a press conference insisted Radio has four kids from different mothers. He also said that Weasal has more than 25 kids from 25 mothers. We cannot of course prove this but compared to the “old man” who has three children from the same mother the boys seem not to have settled in that area yet. Bebe also recently acknowledged having an 18-year-old son from a previous relationship.

Bebe Cool should admit that these boys are currently on fire. They currently have more than three songs getting massive airplay on radio; we’re talking about Amaaso, Ekyama and Magnetic whereas Bebe Cool has mainly Coccidiosis as a hit song. If we’re to consider hits, it seems the score stands at 3-1 in favour of Goodyfe.

Stage performance
If live music is something we should go by, then Bebe Cool has higher chances of winning this battle. Great stage presence and vocal prowess are one of the greatest strengths Big Size holds. However Radio and Weasal are also not a walkover when it comes to live music. We all know the strength of Radio’s sharp piercing voice, don’t we? But will this voice be on point for more than five hours today? Well you will be the judges.

International exposure
Radio and Weasal with no doubt are BET material and in addition to this, they recently returned from the Channel O awards. Even if they never won any of the awards in the categories that they were nominated in, they got great international exposure since they rubbed shoulders with Africa’s and the world’s finest musicians. Of course most people say they just went to take photos with those other celebs. That said, Bebe Cool already has Channel O awards in his cabinet and he became the first to beat Nigeria’s Koko master, D’banj in a battle that took place in Zimbabwe. Bebe Cool also boasts of performing on Nelson Mandela’s birthday which was broadcast live on CNN. Now add this to his BBC ranking among Africa’s 50 biggest artistes, who is more international?

Their concerts this year
Let’s compare their albums this year. Radio and Weasal launched Obudde album in May at the People’s Space, Hotel Africana. Entrance was 20K and as usual they pulled a huge crowd. The place was parked beyond capacity. The album has tracks like Obudde, Can’t Let You Go, Take You Home, Magnetic and many others. When we look at Bebe Cool’s Coccidiosis album launch that took place in September at Kyadondo Rugby grounds (which was also 20K), he managed to pull a good crowd even after the terror threats that were issued by Police after the West Gate siege by al Shabaab in Nairobi. The album has songs like Missing you, Coccidiosis, Nobody Move, Love Letter and many others.

So many people are quick to point fingers at Bebe Cool’s rented house in Ntinda but the Gagamel boss has always defended himself saying; “I grew up in mansions, so I don’t want to build anything ordinary that’s why I am taking my time. My house that’s under construction is a monster mansion. I’m not like Radio and Weasal who grew up in the ghetto so they’re quick to build a simple house and shamelessly call it a mansion.” But the Goodlyfe boys insist Bebe is too broke to complete his so-called-mansion.

Artistes From Their Camps
The Goodlyfe camp has served as a hospital to resuscitate careers of those music artistes who seem to be losing it. We have had the bling bling master aka Diamond Oscar, Red Banton, and Shanks Vividee just to mention but a few. Bebe Cool’s camp has had the Kiwoko boys, Rema Namakula, Hajjati Madina, Tickita and Chizzo among others. Our analysis shows that Goodlyfe is the retirement home for those writing off their music careers, or for those who have refused to leave Kampala (hope Red Banton is not reading) while Gagamel is for those who seek a platform upon which to begin a music career and make it big.

Are two heads are better than one?
Bebe Cool believes he will use the experience he has to beat these two boys. However, Radio insists that Bebe is too old and sometimes one stops thinking when they’re too old. They promise to make him pee in his pants. These are all words and facts that were exchanged between the two camps during their press conferences. Today is judgment day, boys will be separated from men, the best will win and it’s up to you, the fans to decide who takes the crown. Entrance is just 20K. The venue is Kyadondo Rugby grounds. See you there!

Additional reporting by Ian Ortega

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