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Fashion tip: Wedged sneakers,add funk to your casual look

Hedged sneakersFor many of us, a typical casual look is top, jeans and sandals.Boring, I know. It’s now time to step up your game, and brighten your casual look with the wedged sneaker. These shoes are not just funky, but also a great way to turn your casual look from ordinary to stunner.

But do not be deceived that wearing wedged sneakers is effortless. You have to have on the right bottoms, to be able to pull off this look.
For starters, you can begin by pairing your sneakers with a pair of leggings. Finish this off with a nice simple tee. The other suitable option would be skinny jeans.
The trick here is keeping the hem of your pants tight, at the bottom, that way you are able to blend in your wedged sneakers, and also show them off. That means that bell bottoms are a definite no.

Don’t limit yourself to only pants. These shoes can also be matched nicely with a maxi dress. Also, try wearing a mullet skirt, a vest, and then finish this off with a pair of these wedged sneakers.
You can also decide to keep your bottom shorter. That means you will go for capri shorts, a short pleated skirt, or a short little dress.

Keep in mind that these shoes are an accessory, so you could want to brighten up your look, by adding a splash of colour, and these shoes would be a great option.
For instance, you can add a pair of golden wedged sneakers to your all black outfit.
These shoes are available at many high end stores around town, plus downtown and prices vary from Shs50,000 to Shs250,000, depending on the point of purchase.

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