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I wasn’t fired and haven’t quit Minibuzz- Ann Kansiime


Comedian Ann Kansiime returned from her longest stay in UK (two weeks) earlier this week. And she came back with stories and more stories to tell. While in London, Ann won a BEFFTA award for best comedian. Did I hear someone say they already knew that? Well, Ann was also hosted on BBC focus on Africa programme. She talked about her way into comedy and how her mum is the biggest comedian she has ever known.

But on return, Ann was shocked to learn that some tabloids had spread rumours that she had been fired from NTV. “How? Who can fire me, what did I do?” Ann joked when she called us.

She told us that she cannot be fired by NTV because she works on a TV show called Minibuzz and it’s an outsourced show.

“My boss is a mzungu and she was actually worried I had thrown in the towel minus letting her know! I’m still doing the Minibuzz show only that I will from now on feature every Monday, Wednesday and Friday,” Ann told us.

She said that she was not sure what happened to her former Minibuzz co-host Brian Mulondo. “But I heard as if he wanted to do his own things!” Ann told us.

Sometime last week, Veronica Tindichebwa aka Tindi, a comedian in the same group with Ann (Fun Factory), and Marcus Kiryowa were introduced as new presenters on the Minibuzz show.

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