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Fashion Tip: The Extended shirt


For fashion forward lads

The extended shirt is a very fashion forward favourite item, and literally every celebrity in Hollywood, from Future to Big Sean is rocking this shirt. This shirt is not for the faint hearted, and this could be one of the reasons why it is yet to fully be embraced here in Uganda. At the moment, it’s particularly being worn by fashionistas, and a few celebrities.

This shirt however, is a great way to finish off your skinny tights or cuffed pants look.

These shirts come in number of designs and prints, like Aztec, leather, but the bandana printed ones are most popular, and a favourites for many fashion forward lads.

The extended shirt though is not your cup of tea, and you need to have the right styling skills to pull it off. Since it is not body hugging, it would be wise to pair it with leather pants that are slim fitting, and finish this off with a pair of high top trainers. So, this means you have to keep your baggy and ill-fitting pants staked away in your wardrobe.

To spice up your extended shirt, you can wear it with a few chains or add some colour, with one of the items in your look, like the shoes.

Although this shirt may come off like a casual look item, you can go over the boundaries, and try it on with a two piece jacket.

For instance, you can have on a blue two piece, and then add on a white extended shirt. This look will definitely grab attention.

However, the pants you choose for this look, have to have a shorter hem, and if need be, get already cuffed pants.

Ladies, don’t be intimidated, this shirt works for you too!

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