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Date With a Celeb: NTV’s Douglas meets fan Jay Jacobs

Douglas and Jacobs at Garden City. Photo by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

Douglas Lwanga, the presenter of the Beat show on NTV meets fan Jay Jacobs, a marketing manager at A Bryans Collection at Garden City and a student as well.

For how long have you been on Tv?
It’s now 4 months since I joined NTV but I had previously worked on Record TV for close to five years.

How old are you?
I’m 28 years old.

Why did you get married at such a young age?
Hahahah. It’s one of those things I had to do before I die. It’s that decision one makes to prove to the world that he’s grown and ready to be a man.

Why did you quit Record for NTV?
I quit Record to basically look for a bigger career challenge.

How much do you earn per month?
Hahaha. I can not disclose my salary in the press because my landlord might get to know and increase my rent. But just know I’m comfortable.

Who is your favourite Ugandan artiste?
That is a difficult question to answer since I present a music show. Let me say I like them all because everyone has a thing or two they contribute to the growth of the industry.

How is it like dealing with different celebrities?
It’s fun and stressful at the same time. Celebrities are very difficult people to relate with and with my kind of career; I have to accommodate all of them. But it’s fun and interesting once you get used to them.

What has TV helped you to achieve?
TV has been part of me and has contributed a lot in my life – things like fame, money plus lots of friends and fans.

What is the difference between NTV and Record TV?
It’s one word – professionalism.

How many children are you planning to have?
Since I already have one, one more will be enough.

What is your goal in TV presentation?
To be the next Ryan Seacrest and the next biggest TV personality on MTV.

Who are your top five TV presenters in Uganda?
Mc Kats, Robin Kisty, Sheila Gashumba, McKenzie and Calvin the Entertainer.

Unlike other presenters who swell because they work on TV, you are down to earth, what do you think is the reason for this?
I’m a strong Christian and was raised from a humble background, which all is against pride.

What else do you do apart from TV?
I’m a graphics animator who specialises in doing TV commercials.

I have always known TV presenters to be enemies of some of the artistes. How do you handle the pressure to always be on the good side with every artiste?
My policy is, “you beef with me, I won’t beef back, but will just keep promoting your music until you stop the beefing.

Who is Douglas Lwanga?
I was born and raised in Entebbe, grew up with a single mother in a family of four, three girls and I’m the only boy. I am a graduate of Mass Communication and got my first job as a cameraman before I started presenting.

Where do you think you will be in the next three years?
I’ll most definitely be on Channel O.

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