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Date With a Celeb: Andy Muzic meets fan, Christian Josh

Andy (L) shows Josh a few production tricks. Photo by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

Andy Muzic who is the lead producer at Buddies Studio meets his fan Christian Josh, a university student.

Andy. How are you? For starters, what is your tribe?
I come from both Congo and the Alur tribe but you can say I’m Congolese.

What is your real name?
My name is Arnold Bungamuzi.

What is that song that turned you into a celebrity?
One moment that I produced for Gnl Zamba and Leila Kayondo in 2012.

When did you start producing?
Professionally, I would say 2010 but I had been doing underground production before then.

And when did you start singing?
I would say since my childhood.

Tell me five of your best produced songs so far?
Love Portion by Rabadaba alongside Don MC, Abele Nze by Leila, Mbwase Mun G featuring Shiella Way, Yes Yes by Don Mc and Mwa Mwa by the Buddies team.

If I want to become a producer like you, what qualities do I need to have?
To be a good producer, you have to be focused, quick at decision making, patient, a good listener and you have to know what you want.

What is your view on one being a producer and at the same time an artiste like you?
Being a producer and an artiste at the same time is a full package. You know how to balance your song, plus producing and mastering it.

How are you able to juggle both?
To me it’s all music and that is my interest. I create what I imagine and then deliver it.

Who is your best artiste in Uganda?
Shiella Way is my best artiste. She’s not yet known but when she does, the industry will have gotten the only missing link.

Who inspires you?
I take Timberland, R Kelly, Benon and Steve Jean to be my inspirations because they’ve done what I’m doing. They are artistes and producers at the same time.

How many songs do you have as an artiste?
I have Solatido, Luv Me, Me and You, Wind It, on which I feature Big Trill, Nyweza and many more.

In what particular area are you good at in production?
I’m an all rounder. I’m a good director, beat maker, mixer as well as mastering and voicing.

How much do you charge for one to get a good song from your studio?
It depends on the song. If it involves live instruments, we charge Shs500,000 to Shs1m and Shs400,000 to Shs800,000 for normal production.

Who are some of the best artistes you’ve worked for?
Gnl Zamba, Mya, Cindy, Shiella, Mun G, Rabadaba and Don Mc.

Where did you learn production from?
Suprisingly, I didn’t go to any institute to learn music production. I basically did my research on the Internet and accessed many studios to learn a thing or two from other producers before starting out.

Describe Andy Muzic in five words?
Andy is understanding, down to earth, sweet, loving and a good listener.

How do you spend your free time?
I go for movies and hangout with my boys.

What is your favourite movie?
I have three. Madagascar, True Blood and After Earth.

What is your best song?
Love Portion and my own Nyweza.

Who is your hero?
My late mom Doris Ochanda. She sacrificed a lot for me.

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