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Sharon O into bar business

Sharon O

What? Did I hear someone ask what Sharon O has to say about her alleged romance with socialite Zaire Hussein’s fiancé Ivan Ssemwanga?

We have failed to secure an answer from the former Big Brother Housemate and Obsessions member. But we managed to notice her latest investement, the Blue-Ice Bar and Lounge located in Kyaliwajala, near Quality Super market.

This might make some people believe past rumours that Sharon O was getting financial donations from either Ivan or a Nigerian lover, but one thing is clear, Sharon O has at least managed to invest.

Although her new hangout is not that sophisticated, it is an average hangout but it shows that Sharon O has managed to take a serious step as a business woman.

According to one of the supervisors at the hangout, “It will be a venue for parties and will also serve as a hangout for people who want to have a good time during evenings and weekends.”

Sharon has been seen at the venue supervising works but she avoids the media, but her new baby will open to the public soon!

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