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Jackie Chandiru squashes death rumours


Jackie Chandiru: I always post and tell journalists or media pple to always research…now wat have we got here… “RIP Jackie Chandiru.” A lot has bn written about me, Kampala Sun has done a great job giving pple platform to insult or abuse me. I always prayed for truth one day to come out … that’s example one. So now c hw y’all shoot yourselves in the leg, how do u think pple will react to this one? I bet they will have a quick flashback n go thru all written crap n then doubts set. You made a fool of yourselves, you nearly cost me my mother’s life n that of my family just for “wolokoso!” If u love me dead I am sorry, Jackie is still alive, frm now till the Almighty asks me to join him. For all those who stood up for me with this stupid rumour, thank you… for those and the one person who started the rumour…hide!!! My family’z gonna getcha gooood!!! Otherwise… “A star will always be a star … n there will always be firelighters.” a friend told me that. My ride or die peeps that av stood up for me, you are my firelighters … you keep me burning!! Thank you.

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