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Elly Wamala’s widow considering legal action against Geosteady, Don MC

Don MC

Having successfully redone Elly Wamala’s Viola hit song, Geosteady may find himself in court after Wamala’s widow claimed that he did not seek permission to redo this song. Geosteady, however, insists that he sought permission from Fiona Mukasa, daughter to the late, a claim Mukasa refutes.

According to Mukasa, she only spoke to Barbie Jay concerning the same song but issues concerning this song were not finalised as Wamala’s son in America had the final word on the matter.

While appearing on one of the local TV shows, Wamala’s widow expressed her dissatisfaction at copycats like DON MC who redid Ebinyumo Ebyaffe and Geosteady who redid Viola. For now, the family has applied for a court injunction that will block Geosteady from launching the Viola song.

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