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Hustler: Semei Goobi Lule

Goobi the brick maker. Photo by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

What’s your nature of business?
I make bricks.

How much does one need to invest in this kind of business?
To start on a good note, one requires around Shs1m and that caters for water, spear grass, firewood and labour.

What are some of the challenges you face in this business?
It is a business that involves manual labour. Also, firewood is very expensive.

What benefits have you achieved out of this business?
This business educated me from S.1 to S.6. I pay rent, I educate my children and it has also helped me invest in more small scale businesses like popcorn selling.

Where are you located?
On Namugongo Road in Kireka, opposite Goodwill Nursery School.

How much do you sell your bricks?
It depends on the size and the season. The biggest range from Shs140 to Shs150 each. The smallest cost between Shs120 and Shs130 but we can reduce the price depending on how many bricks one is buying.

How much do you earn from the business?
That also depends on the number of bricks I make. If I make 30,000 bricks in three months, I can make about Shs4m.

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